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Document Title: A Special Section on Dam Removal and River Restoration
Document: Electronic format not available. Request hard copy from CDRI.
Author(s): David D. Hart; N. Leroy Poff
Publisher: American Institute of Biological Sciences
Series: BioScience, August 2002, vol. 52, issue 8, pp. 653-654
Date: 08/01/2002
Abstract: Human activities have degraded many of the world's ecosystems, which has created an urgent need for strategies that can restore their ecological integrity. This need is accompanied by many scientific challenges, however. In particular, ecosystems are among the most complex entities in the hierarchy of life, and the successful repair of damaged systems will require a deep understanding of the processes that determine their structure and function. Biologists have a critical role to play in creating this knowledge because of their expertise in such varied phenomena as the role of microbes in detoxifying anthropogenic contaminants, the effects of disturbance on population persistence, and the factors influencing competitive interactions between native and exotic species.
Keywords: Ecology and river restoration
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