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Document Title: Exploring Dam Removal: A Decision-Making Guide
Document: Exploring_Dam_Removal-A_Decision-Making_Guide.pdf (2 MB)
Author(s): American Rivers; Trout Unlimited
Date: 08/01/2002
Abstract: Exploring Dam Removal: A Decision-Making Guide is divided into four areas of consideration: (a)ecological, (b)economic, (c)societal, and (d) technical/engineering. Each section provides a brief overview of topics shown through experience to be useful in determining if a dam should be removed. Not all of these issues will have direct relevance or major significance in each dam removal, but each issue should be reviewed to determine whether it is relevant of important to the dam removal decision. If an issue is important to the decision, a more thorough set of questions is available in the Appendix to enable you to explore the issue in more depth. There are few "easy" dam removal decisions. Most dams have both positive and negative impacts. The challenge in making a sound decision about wheater or not to remove a dam is to identify all of the costs and benefits of keeping that particular structure, as well as the costs and benefits of removing it, and balance the findings to determine the best option. Exploring Dam Removal helps to ensure that a full range of costs and benefits are identified. Obtaining the answers to the questions identified here and in the Appendixes will enable a more complete analysis of the options of keeping or removing a dam and can have an impact on the cost and ultimate feasibility of either decision. Working through the many issues involved in deciding to keep or remove a dam can offer surprising conclusions that can lead to a reasoned approach--reducing subjectivity and increasing objectivity.
Keywords: Ecology and river restoration; Economics; Engineering
Permalink: http://digital.library.ucr.edu/cdri/?record=472

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